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It is said that if Rajasthan was a canvas, Sambhar would be pink on it. 

The pink reference originated from the migratory birds’ flamingos surrounding the lake turning the whole lake into a pink blush color. Speaking of which, Sambhar Lake is one of the untouched regions of Rajasthan, situated 80 km from Jaipur. The state being a rich delight of colorful culture includes many mystical places just as Lake Sambhar, which is growing to be one of the travelers’ paradises. Sambhar town in itself envelopes so many magical spots that are yet to be discovered. Sambhar lake also mirrors the Rann of Kutch, portraying its marvelous grandeur. It is not only the largest inland saltwater lake but a natural wonderland too. The rich history of Sambhar Town makes it a secure place on everyone’s bucket list.

Being considered as the choicest destination for Camping it also gave rise to   Salt tourism. Camping on the beds of the lake gives the most authentic experience along with an endless sight of pink flamingos and the night sky.  The sight of this large lake with varying shades of blue and pink is simply mesmerizing. It offers a perfect setting for nature lovers, who take pleasure in the company of birds, history, and other wildlife in this locale.

This lake is surrounded by beautiful rustic locations where pink flamingos dance to the tunes of nature, while the sun dances on its surface.

There are many British Era buildings, which have been converted into places of historical importance. It is encompassed by Rajasthani culture, which is a fusion of the royal culture and a lot of local elements that make it one of the most pleasant experiences in life. The rich heritage and culture will leave you baffled. Although it is one of the lesser-known attractions in Jaipur, it is gaining popularity each day because of its immense potential to be the best travel destination. The pink aura created by Pink Flamingos and the sublime views of the lake makes it a heaven on earth. It is one of the best places for a staycation purpose. Walking on the dry lakebed will be one of the most memorable experiences you will cherish throughout your lifetime.

When we talk about Salt tourism there are salt factory visits that allow you to witness how something as simple as salt undergoes so many wonderful processes. Due to the enormous amount of unexplored land, it is also a biker’s paradise. Sambhar would not disappoint you if you choose to ride a Jeep or a bike. Camping is also accessible for the brave. There are additional opportunities for motorsports and cycling on well-marked pathways. 


Sambhar lake offers adventure seekers a one-of-a-kind outdoor experience. The region’s sun-kissed environment makes it perfect for weekend excursions with friends and family, relaxing vacations, and destination events. The Watchtower at Camp Sambhar gives the acquaintance to all these significant experiences along with the best bird’s eye view of this beautiful place.

Sambhar is also a one-stop destination for all history and culture lovers as it has buildings and cultural stroll of the historical town of Sambhar, wherein the tourists are taken among several temples, and bazaars like the very famous Sun Temple (Chhota Bazaar- Bada Bazaar), followed by  Joshiyon ki Gali (via Charbhuja Temple), Dargah and Nizamat (Nagar Palika Bhawan), Dadu Dwara, Nikasa Mohalla, Mataji ka Chabutra, and finally Ram Leela Rang Manch.  If you are a sweet tooth, don’t forget to relish the famous local delicacy, Feeni Sweet, and collect a souvenir from shops for traditional village jewelry.

It is also worth seeing Circuit House, which bears evidence of the town’s British heritage. It still has a hoist that uses a pulley system to transport food and other items and its balcony affords a view of the entire lake system. The tour guides from Camp Sambhar are professional and well aware of the locality, they would impart their knowledge in the most creative way possible.


The flock of Pink Flamingos, the crystal clear night sky, the enthralling village life, and the pious kunds. Camp Sambhar facilitates all of these experiences and many more including camping tents and sky gazing on the majestical machaan. You can expect a fantastic camping experience at Camp Sambhar. The unique location of  Camp Sambhar will make you soak in the daylight and sleep under the sky full of stars with views of the largest saltwater lake in India. Camp Sambhar’s offering of Swiss and Hiking tents is always in the buzz for their great ambiance. The extended height of the Swiss tents and the duplexes lets you take in the precious sunrise and sunsets. The quiet aura of Sambhar town is so spell-binding that it would make you visit the same place multiple times. So when in Sambhar do not forget to let us be a part of your journey, we at Camp Sambhar are honored to be present at your service.